April 03 2020 Friday at 03:46 PM

Sunny Sunday Ride

Any break in the clouds during rainy season is counted as a blessing, so when the skies stood clear and blue this morning, a plan was forged to make use of the sliver on sunshine and take the motorcycles for a sunday ride. Although the sky was clear and there was swell, a gusty wind wasn't helping the situation in the water, so there were no hard feelings about hopping the bikes and heading inland from our coasty dwellings. We passed through paddies and temples, potholes and shortcuts….even stopping to gander at a ceremony on the fringes of town. Along our journey we spotted both bike clubs and lone customs making use of the sunday sunshine. as the road steepened the temperature lowered, getting colder with each mountain twist and turn, who would have thought Bali could be cold this time of year? We reached our elevated perch…chin wagged for a while, then turned around and did the whole thing again. Julian got to properly road test his new ride, The Shanky Dog, and judging from his tarmac antics we're guessing it went well. A beautiful Sunday spent with friends on motorbikes, not too shabby in my books!