April 03 2020 Friday at 06:31 PM

Sunday Ride Part 2: The Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride

While the Canggu Scramblers were out riding dirt and cracking bones, a few of the other Deus boys took a more relaxed approach to their Sunday off. Donning their most dapper threads, they tipped their hats to the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride.

A bunch of Australian pals came up with the idea for a classic motorcycle & suit ride in 2012, and two years later it’s grown into a global event. This year there were 20,000 riders joining for 258 separate rides, taking place in 220 cities across 57 different countries. It’s not compulsory, but all of the rides raised money for prostate cancer research. What is compulsory is a classic bike and styling your Sunday best.

Meeting at the Temple first thing, there’s no denying the Deus boys were looking fresh in their bow ties and waistcoats. Last year 7 riders took part in the ride, and this year that number snowballed. 6 different groups of guys in tailored suits came together to create a fleet of 70 motorcycles. An eclectic blend of custom bikes, cafe racers, scramblers, bobbers, vespas and even old school bikes like the BMW R20 came out for day, with expats and locals riding side by side.

The Balinese gods blessed the ride with sunshine and blue skies, and the suited bikers turned heads along the scooter filled highways through Kuta up to Sanur. Travelling through the countryside of Batubulan and up into Ubud, it was time for a half-time pitstop and a break from the heat.

All the groups came together, checking out each others bikes and getting to know each other, everyone feeling the camaraderie of the ride. Before the crowd of fascinated onlookers grew too thick the guys were back on the road.

To wind up a truly distinguished day some of the riders hung out at the Temple, sharing a few beers and soaking up the sounds of the psychedelic rock performed by Mata Jiwa. The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, doing good and having fun, it’s definitely here to stay.