April 03 2020 Friday at 06:30 PM

Sunday Mass: Streets of New York

Potholes you could sleep in, lane closures ad nauseam, and bumper to bumper traffic pretty much the whole way through, Deus Ex Machina's New York City Sunday Mass was an extraordinary test of wills. New Yorkers aren't known for pulling their punches so when tasked with a ride around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, on the first sunny weekend of the year, our tri-state motorbiking brethren showed up, geared up, and said screw it, and completed the three hour ride with stacks of style, serious swagger, and no moving violations. Riding together in a large group proved to be difficult, with most of us breaking up into smaller, more nimble packs, but we all found our way up through Grand Central Station and Central Park, back down the Westside Highway, over the Brooklyn Bridge, down the Gowanus Expressway and Belt Parkway before heading back up Ocean Parkway to weave back into Manhattan. It wasn't easy and it wasn't what most would consider a leisurely Sunday ride. It was, however, an enchanting three hours of riding motorcycles with new friends while taking in the sights and sounds of one of the greatest cities on earth. And it was wonderful. Thank you, New York. We'll be riding with you again soon. Photography: Stefan Wigand