April 03 2020 Friday at 03:31 PM

Sunday Bloody Sunday

We’ve had a great streak with our surf contests in the past and Sundays, Slidetober Surf comp didn’t disappoint. Run of events saw us get the beach wanted, touch and go there for a little while. Stereos, shirts, boards, bags, bbq’s, beer and people began being delivered to the beach just after six. A somewhat sleepy crew went about their preordained tasks. By seven it was all sorted and the stereo popped to life giving everyone notice we’d arrived. The first contestants began to spin the wheel of steel. A gamble, one in four odds, giving a slightly curtailed selection to the pile of polyester, but with over thirty in total, none seemed to notice. Another big win was getting some amazing contestants seeded through the field. Last years Slidetober defending champ, Tai ‘Buddha’ Graham became freed up. Sunday off could be spent with us. Nathan ‘Noodles’ Webster, would linger like the proverbial right through the pecking order and the two would come head to head in the finals. According to Tai, this was definitely the best bit of the day for him. Two other surprises that we only heard about late Saturday arvo was that rippers Creed McTaggert and Andrew Doheny were in town and coming down the sand to play. Both fair well in the heats and into the finals. Thanks guys hope you had a great time. A great thing about these under the radar events is the local riders and talent they attract. We’re first and foremost a community and a lot of our field came from our mates. Everyone coming down with their families to spend the day at the sea side and ride in a comp. It was hot early and like any barby with friends the first beers started to pop well before noon. Our two MC’s Monty and Tyler bandied back and forth with a similar intensity of the waves as they ebbed and flowed. We quickly whittled the field down. Strong heats serving up some pretty unexpected defeats. Strengths in areas people hadn’t foreseen. Cuddles and Mencos, two guys who are more known for riding longboards, joined Buddha and Noodles in the final. The sea was getting shallow and taking the waves with her. The lulls longer, the tension stronger. And as quickly as it started it was over. Break it down and drag it home. Clean up the litter and get off the black scorching sand. People left the beach happy and tired with most hoping for a little lay down in the middle of the day, time to recharge. Emerging invigorated and set for what is still, a long haul ahead. With the winner still under wraps people began to populate the Temple in Canggu from six onwards. Corona has supplied a bounty of their beer. All we needed was a slice of lime and off we went. Photo booth opened and portraits of riders, organizers, tourists and sundry. Award time, Monty & Tyler invited our fearless leaders, DHump & Dare up to say a few words. Finalists came up onto the stage. In 4th position was Arif ‘Mencos’ Hidayat. 3rd was taken by Matt ‘Cuddles’ Cuddihy. The lads stretched the moment to drum tightness before letting it be known that Tai ‘Buddha’ Graham came second, leaving a very happy Nathan ‘Noodles’ Webster in first place. Got to love a final field where they all have interesting nicknames. Josh Hall, whose installed himself in the Deus shaping bay of late, will be building a custom to Noodles specs soon enough, though this one isn’t so much about what people take home rather having been there to play the game. It’s all proved to much to take in all at once, both the visual and the written. We’ve peeled the music element out and Photos in the studio. We’ll wrap some words around them and post tomorrow. Check back.