April 03 2020 Friday at 08:31 PM

Ladies, lads and those Under 9 Foot get all Wrapped Up - DEUS 9FT & SINGLE 2018

Sunday morning broke just like the past three. Except the low tide was a half an hour lower than it had been yesterday. Heads laden with the remnants of last night made for the somewhat late arrival of some of the contestants. Needn't have mattered though as we were in for a bit of a late start. Nothing could happen until the water flowed over the exposed rocks. Instead, we got the coffee on and the BBQ was fired up to serve some much needed vitals to the people on the beach. The rest of us busied ourselves to bog down for what would end up being a hell of a long days surfing. Once the water was right we mowed straight into it. Mind you, in the still somewhat dicey conditions, which by that time was nearly 8 am., we started the Deus Under 9ft & Single. A homage to the transitional period of the early seventies. The only criteria was that the boards be true singlefins and under 9ft. We shuffled together three six man heats to plough through a field of eighteen who wanted to ride the shorter boards. We'd lost the early part of the morning and needed to make up some time, we knocked the heats on the head toot sweet, to set up a six man final that includedcHarrison Roach, Zye Norris, Matt Cuddihy, Thomas Bexon, Nathan Monchet & Harrison Biden. We'd see how they faired a little later on. Keeping everyone on their toes, we sidestepped into the Ladies Log Event. This year with 12 contestants from almost as many countries we split them down the middle to create two six woman heats and ripped into it. They were to a person amazing to watch. Again we filter off the great to unveil the amazing. The final would be six of which three were Hawaiians; Honolua Blomfield, Sierra Lerback & Rosie Jaffurs. Hiroka Yoshikawa from Japan, who had made the podium last year. From Coolangatta in Australia Ivy Thomas. A Bali based expat, Melisa Pretorius. Paying attention? You need to be, because we were jumping from one event to another faster than a rocket full of monkeys. Next up it was the semi finalists of the day before, the Deus 9ft & Single Log division, who went out, one-upping each other until there were four. Then we swung back to the Ladies and the final 6 hit the water for a half hour heat that would sort the podium order. The dames had grace, poise, posture, and purpose on their side. It's like time stands still while they are out there. People just plonked themselves where they were as they entered the water and didn't leave until it was done. They stepped lightly across their boards in conditions that were starting to deteriorate under the effect of a side shore breeze that had started to puff. Amazing, thank you ladies. No sooner had they gotten to shore and had their photos taken than we had the finals of the Deus 9ft & Single Log. Harrison Roach, Zye Norris, Deni Firdaus, & Keoki Saguibo paddled out to settle on a final order to only be known that night. The waves held off ut then came in force. A chatter had appeared on the face but these guys just sliced through it. They would take off executing deep and or late bottom turns to pull it around and pounce towards the nose. Hopefully, things held up for a big cutback and another bottom turn. All of them stacked a treasure chest full of waves away. Who had the best was, definitely in this case, a guess. To wrap the whole day up we had the final 6 from the Under 9ft & Single hit the water once more to battle for what would only be revealed that night at the Deus Temple. We'd had a massive fun day of surfing that took in the Under 9ft & Single, the Ladies Log & the finals of the 9ft & Single Log. We'd drunk all the beer and spoke on the mic until we were hoarse. It was time to surrender the break back to the hoards. Time to pack up the Genset & wrap up the tents. We packed up our empties and headed back to the Deus Temple to sort things out for the evening ahead. There was still much to do before we could put the lid on the Deus 9ft & Single Art, Music, Film & Surf Fest for 2018. Tom & Monty grabbed the mics and belted through the proceedings. They thanked everyone who had surfed. Who'd come to the beach and hung out. Who'd come to the nightly events and of course the backroom boys who put the event together. It takes a lot of people both out in front and in back to pull something like this off. That teamwork is what makes Deus Indonesia great. We moved onto hearing who won what. There were no real surprises here, well not for those who had sat on the shores for the entire weekend to see how things played out… at the bottom of this post, you will find a complete list of winners. But hey, everyone who had been in or at the Deus 9ft & Single Art, Music, Film & Surf Fest was a winner because it was such an amazing weekend. Music is instrumental, excuse the pun, to our event and this year we'd had the Lime Cordiale pay at our Friday night concert. Tonight though was set to top it we had the local but international act, The Hydrant. Balinese branded rockabilly which set more than the feet swinging. The Winners Deus 9ft & Single Log 1. Deni Firdaus 2. Zye Norris 3. Keoki Saguibo 4. Harrison Roach The prize is a return airfare for one to Portugal to attend the Gliding Barnacles event, 28 August – 2 Sept. The prize includes accommodation, transfers and food. Prize proudly supplied by Gliding Barnacles Surf, Art & Music Festival The Ladies 9ft & Single Log 1. Honolua Blomfield 2. Rosie Jaffurs 3. Ivy Thomas 4. Sierra Lerback 5. Hiroka Yoshikawa 6. Melisa Pretorius First prize is a night’s accommodation at the Five Star Tugu Hotel & an IDR 500,000 Glo Spa Voucher Second & third also received an IDR 500,000 Glo Spa Voucher Prizes all care of the Yak Magazine, The Yak Magazine is Bali's leading lifestyle title, online and in print. Around world. Deus Fish Fry Comp 1. Mattia Morri 2. Harrison Roach 3. Nathan Monchet 4. Zye Norris First prize is a Thomas Bexon Shaped Fish Deus Womp Comp 1. Harrison Roach 2. Harrison Biden 3. Keoki Saguibo 4. Thomas Bexon Deus Under 9ft & Single 1. Matt Cuddihy 2. Harrison Biden 3. Zye Norris 4. Harrison Roach 5. Nathan Monchet 6. Thomas Bexon Best on Fest – Harrison Biden Images by Damea Dorsey, Giang GAW, Keli Bow, Brett Johnson, Keoki Saguibo