April 03 2020 Friday at 06:15 PM

Softy 225

The Bengkel boys have barely had time to wash the grease from their hands before starting on a new project these last fews months, and the latest custom order they unveiled was a new version our version of a Soft Bobber. Our first stab at the iconic Bobber style motorcycle started out as a Yamaha SR400, and it quickly become a firm favourite at the Temple, but this latest incarnation began life as Yamaha Scorpio 225. We’ve created plenty of street trackers from the Scorpio, so the time was ripe to reinvent this bike into something else. The result was more of a gentleman’s motorcycle for a classic riding style. A Softer Bobber you might say.

With a smaller engine and frame it’s already set up for being crusier ride. The next downsize was applied to the wheels, with it rolling along on TK Japan 18” rims fitted with Avon 400 tyres. Yamaha Byson shocks rise up from the front, and Kawasaki W650’s soak up the bumps at the back. But even though we’ve changed a few things, none of the distinctive style of the larger Soft Bobby has been lost.

It still has the wide-armed kinked Ventura handlebars tipped with light brown gum grips, and the shorter leather brown seat hasn’t changed either. A custom exhaust and Posh Japan speedometer and tachometer also stay true to the original much-loved aesthetics. With no paint job applied, the polished hand made alloy aluminium tank and fenders keep the minimalist, natural look shining through. One small addition is a leather harness strap to the tank, an idea dreamed up by the Land Boys last year when they worked on the Tiger Dog bike with us.

The Soft 225 loses nothing to its older brother, it’s a pleasure ride through and through, swapping power for charm. As we said before, the time was ripe to do something new with the Scorpio, and perhaps the 225 has never looked better, but we’ll let you decide that for yourself.