April 03 2020 Friday at 09:15 PM


Micah Davis, Max Seiersen, Monti Smith and Jake “Eppy” Epstein prepped a couple of bikes, some surfboards, skateboards and started on their trip up the foggy California coast. Does it get any better? … Bugs in your teeth, winding the two lane highways to San Francisco with a few friends. Once past Morro Bay & Big Sur, the weather dipped, and it seemed the honeymoon period of the ride was over. It didn’t help that the ocean hadn’t produced a consistent swell, so Max would have to search for that perfect point break another time. As San Francisco drew closer, the rain clouds got thicker, the sky grew darker and then opened up on them. Riding old machines across the Golden Gate Bridge in the rain they found themselves stuck in the thick of it, although the end was in sight - warm coffee, a hot meal and dry set of dacks couldn’t come quick enough. After parking up in a warm restaurant and wringing out the gear, the conversation quickly turned to undercover skate spots around the San Fransisco streets. Thankfully the weather finally cleared and the boys spent the afternoon bombing hills on bikes and boards, overlooking the city. The final stop for the trip, a country ride to Petaluma, to take a peek at a motorcycle collection. Owned by a man named Roland, the collection had it all; from the rarest of motorcycles, old fire trucks, airstream campers – an amusement park of vintage machines and a place to appreciate anything with a patina. @micah_davis118 @maxseiersen Jake Epstein Pics by @mounce