April 03 2020 Friday at 03:15 PM

Smokin' Skull and an ancient art

There are many ancient art forms practiced on this planet we call home…physical, mental, creative and even destructive have all played their part in history. They have evolved over time, changing shape and gaining refinement as each century passes by.
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One of such…and the art form that gets today's focus…is that of Batiking. Now the exact date to which Batiking originated cannot be pinpointed, however archeological excursions show that the practice existed within Indonesia's shores as far back as the 6th century.
The definition of the craft reads a little something along the lines of "A cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. Due to its fluid and undeniably unconstrained application, It takes many shapes when used in creative conjunction. These past few months, the Smokin Skull has been cooking and laying wax like it's nobodies business…staining floors, clothes and skin in the colorful process. He says that his bridge into Batiking came from screen printing… "with screen printing, its all about layering colors on colors, mediums onto fabric, but always ending up with a fabric with something else on it." "I enjoy Batiking because its the reverse process...progressively taking things away until you are only left with a piece of fabric." He goes on to state that the "allure of the process is what called to him." Fire and boiling wax spoke on a primal level, and he answered. Now taking the product of this history aged process, and applying it to surfboards is not a new concept…The late Surfer, Shaper and Bali pioneer,Kim 'The Fly' Bradley, did it from his surf shed, atop Bali's 'Bukit' in the 70's. Taking hand crafted local fabrics and laying them into hand crafted boards….the perfect combo of usable function and aesthetic form. The Smokin' Skull is paying homage to the creative combination by throwing his own smokey spin on things. Using the batiked fabric alongside hand drawn art, and sealing it all in with resin tinting. These boards have spent their fair share of time in his hands, but have come out looking far from the norm. A combined collection of shapes from Chris 'Phantom' Garrett and local legend Luker studer have received this arduous treatment from ol' Smokey. From the 8" Displacements to the 5" something Mini Simmons….and everything in-between. This candy colored line up just hit the Temple's board racks and there is something here for everybody. So if your looking for a new ride to ride this weekends swell…come on down to the Temple for a fondle and see if something takes your fancy!