April 03 2020 Friday at 07:46 PM

Slidetober Fest - Surf Competition

Yesterday the crew worked late into the night erecting a small Deus village on the beach in preparation for the Surf Contest this morning. However a crazy storm with strong winds tore though at around 3am. When we got to the beach this morning the village was in disarray. Tents and flag had been up rooted, the sound system and BBQ ruined. But within an hour the Deus Temple Crew who work so hard to make these events go smoothly had the place looking as if nothing had happened.

We were also blessed on the wave front, yesterday out the front was looking very similar to a lake but today the sky was beautiful blue and head high peelers were rolling down the reef. When it came down to the actual surfing you couldn't find a more diverse group of surfers riding a such a wide selection of boards anywhere on the planet. The contestants were riding everything from 5'2 to 7’2’s and every fin setup under the sun. Some crazy battles went down under a blaring sun, with the surfers applying their own approach to the craft they had under their feet, we even saw Lewie surf a couple waves butt naked, not sure what the aim was behind that was, but the crowd sure loved it. Good tunes were blaring all day. Shortly after lunch the finals rolled around it was Tai Budda, Harrison Roach, Craig Anderson and Torren Martyn going head to head. In the end It was a close call between Craig and Tai, but Ando Came out on top.

By 7pm the whole beach and then some had gone home, showered and changed and were back at the Temple celebrating this extended weekends events. The award presentation was a highlight, watching each event winner getting crowned was cool…But the prize everyone had their eyes on, the coveted Slidetober Cup (which goes to the person who accumulated the most points over the 3 days of events) actually ended up in a tie between Zye and Forrest, leaving only one way to decide who got the one off hand painted Elders helmet by IKI….and that was a good old fashioned Beer downing contest, and Forrest chugged his way to glory.

After the awards the live music kicked off with our boy Lewie Buddons hitting the stage and by then the Sunday night crowd had really filled in going from around 100 people to close to 500. The live music and DJ went till well into the wee hours of the morning. Drinks were flowing, everybody was dancing. It really was the perfect end to the 2016 Deus Slidetober Fest.

We would like to do a little shout out and thanks to all the sponsors that helped make the event as successful as ever.

Electric, Nusa Cana Rum, Red Bull, FRii Hotel, San Miguel, Albens Cider and Bintang!

Beach Track Open Class

1st - Forrest Minchinton

2nd - Scott Harrison

3rd - Ferdika

Beach Track Vintage Class

1st - Lewie Buddons

2nd - Deni

3rd - Ayok

Moto X Open Class

1st - Ferdika Ferry

2nd - Forrest Minchinton

3rd - Kelana Humphrey

Moto X Vintage Class

1st - Harrison Roach

2nd - Scotty Stopnik

3rd - Yopi


1st - Craig Anderson

2nd - Tai Budda

3rd - Harrison Roach

4th - Torren Martyn