April 03 2020 Friday at 07:46 PM

Slidetober Fest - Moto X

Wow what a day! The second segment of the Deus Slidetober Fest, The Moto X definitely did not disappoint. I think the participants were having just as much fun as the riders. It all kicked off at around 10am with an open practice, letting people cruise around the beach-side track, figuring out what lines they wanted to take and which jumps to hit.

The heats were soon under way, and even though all the bikes involved were 150cc’s or less, there were some really good races and by the time the finals rolled around the herd had been thinned, leaving only the creme of the crop to battle it out.

One of the funnest races to watch was the Vintage Class, those boys squeezed every drop of power out of those old bikes and Harrison Roach and Scotty Stopnik had one of the closest back and forth battles of the day. It ended up with Scotty face down in the dust only meters from the finish line and Harrison taking the over all win.

The fight for the Open Class was another nail biter of a race. Ferdika took an early lead with the hole-shot which allowing him to set the pace, Forrest wasn’t so lucky off the line but about halfway through the 7 lap final, he was neck and neck with Ferdika, the pair bumping handlebars vying for the lead. The battle continued into the last laps but the victor was decided when Forrest’s front wheel washed out coming in hot into a dry and dusty corner, handing the win to local Balinese boy Ferdika Ferry. Coming up in a solid 3rd place was 8 year old Deus Grom Kelana Humphrey. This battle had the whole beach cheering from beginning to end. Alex from Lombok, who was one of the favourites, crashed out early in the race, so wasn’t pushing for the win which left him some space to move and have some fun over the jumps.

The Bali Vintage Bike Club was back again this year after last years shenanigans. Picture 12 smokey 2-stokes fanging it round the track with little regard for who was next to or in front of them. Last years grudges were settled and new ones were formed, they will have to wait till next year to sort those out.

It was an action packed day by the beach, with ice cold beers on flow and the Deus Grill cooking up some tasty BBQ treats to keep the spectators and riders fed and hydrated. When it was all said and done everybody conveyed home for a rest and a shower before heading back to the Temple for the opening night of ‘In Full Flow’ an art exhibit by Japanese artist ‘IKI.’ Plaga Wine and Albens cider were free flowing and once again it looks like people will be going late into the night , especially with the Nusa Cana Rum bar in the bak yard dishing out tasty beverages.

Tomorrow morning brings the surf comp, pray for waves!