April 03 2020 Friday at 07:46 PM

Slidetober Fest - Beach Track Race

The Deus Slidetober Fest kicked off today with the second annual Beach Track event held on the picturesque beaches of Tababnan with the ocean as its back drop. This event is similar to the popular sport of flat track racing but instead of expensive race machines, we ran small bore bikes to within an inch of their lives. With one side of the track being low tide flats and the other deep sand ruts, people took different approaches when it came to the corners, some took to sliding, where as others came in hot and ended up digging their front wheel into the sand. Dozens of spectators were lined up on the sidelines, watching the afternoons shenanigans go down from the shade with the Deus Bar and Grill keeping the beers flowing and the food sizzling.

The Vintage class took to the sand first, and were fun as hell to watch, they weren’t the fastest, but they sure had those throttles pinned. Our boy Lewie Buddons clutched the win after navigating the ruts like a pro and hanging on till he passed that checkered flag. After that the Open Class lined up to hit the track, which at this point was churned up beyond recognition. This class was a truly international affair and had a lot more competitors that lead to some interesting battles going down, most notably Ferdika from Bali, Forrest from California and Alex from Lombok, these guys were at each others heels the whole time but in the end Forrest ended up taking the Win, putting him in the lead for the overall Slidetober Fest winner.

All in all it was an amazing afternoon at the beach, there some memorable crashes but nobody got hurt, some awesome moments went down with an great group of people. When it was all said and done we convoyed back to The Temple to premiere a few movies in our back yard, The first, Scramble Gamble was a raw and un cut look into a trip The Temple Rats just returned from. A 2 week Surf/Moto mission to Lombok where Deus film maker, Andre Cricket, documented the whole thing, logging the footage every night while on the road creating a sequence of events in real time. The other two flicks we cant actually tell you about, since they were just a sneak peek at videos that are getting released next month, but its safe to say they were very well received here in the back yard.

Music and drinks flowed into the night, maybe a little longer than they should have considering we have the Moto X event early tomorrow morning. If you are taking part in that, the busses leave here at 8am and practice starts at 9am sharp, see you there for some braaap braaap!