April 03 2020 Friday at 08:45 PM

Slamfest 2018

The 2018 Transworld Slamfestival did not disappoint. Among many others, the Deus kids had a blast. Things got underway early on Saturday as the track was opened for free practice. It was damn crowded but still a tonne of fun. As the sun set, the party moved from the motocross track to the flat track for the Hell on Wheels MC and Rusty Butcher event. Meatball and the boys run a wild program, with classes and riders and bikes of all kinds. Including a knobbie class for those still on their MX machines. You never know who you will line up next to at the flat track race, and that’s all part of the fun. It just so happens that Deus gross Micah Davis and Kelana Humphrey lined up together in the 100cc and under class. Micah on his vintage XR and Kelana on his modern day 65. Even Bali based Deus photographer Harry Mark lined up on a loaner bike. There was a lot of great battles that night, but the ones between Micah and Kelana were the fan favourites. However, the youngsters success didn’t end there, as Kelana dominated both the 9-11 years 65cc and Open 65cc classes the next day. Kelana's pure love for dirtbikes and racing makes each race he's apart of even more exciting, congrats on a solid weekend! Text by Camel Hammer