April 03 2020 Friday at 07:01 PM


No need to overthink this one: The new documentary about Evel Knievel seemed worth watching, so we invited some friends over to our house to watch it with us. Plain and simple. But almost by accident it turned out to be a real fun time! "Evel Knievel" ...his name alone has a way of escalating excitement levels. In true form, the ever-supportive neighborhood fired up their motors and made the jaunt over to 1001 Venice Blvd. As a bonus feature, Michael Woolaway, our in-house motorcycle design director opened the doors of Woolie's Workshop an hour before the movie was set to commence for everyone to come in and have a look at his recent and upcoming motorcycle builds. At the heart of the parking lot, the grill was hot and the burgers where tasty thanks to the hard-working Deus Café crew. We were fortunate to have Firestone Walker Brewing Company provide plenty of 805 lifestyle beer for the occasion, which proved very suitable for movie-watching. It was great to see so many familiar faces come around, some who we hadn't seen for a while, and others who we only run into at the local racetrack. Even some of Los Angeles's most notorious patch-em-in motorcycle troops changed their weekly ruffian-ride to Thursday the 24th to come eat some popcorn and celebrate their childhood hero. In some odd way, it kinda felt like a family reunion. A sort of coming together to pay tribute to our founding father. Perhaps it's the unspoken connection we feel to the man and to each other as motorcyclists every time we pitch a leg over a bike and fearlessly split lanes thru LA traffic. Hell, maybe thats bit how Evel felt as he was flying over 14 busses. Lastly, a huge applause and a firm handshake to Jeff Tremaine, Johnny Knoxville, and director Daniel Junge for telling the full story of Evel Knievel. It's a damned good one.