April 03 2020 Friday at 03:46 PM

Sand Man Yohan

A couple of weeks ago we gave you an insight into our surfboard manufacturing process with a profile on Victor, our glass man extraordinaire. Now we move a little further along the timeline to a job that is very important but often overlooked…sanding and fin foiling…with Yohan. Since George Greenough refined the first fin based around the dorsal of a dolphin, sizes, shapes and uses have progressed…Yohan originally taught himself how to foil fins from looking at a finished product and then working backwards through the stages, he got better and better, and was a pretty solid foiler…but when Chris Garrett showed up on scene and steered him in the right directions, his skill-set jumped a few levels. As well as hand making fins from scratch, Yohan also heads up the sanding and polish department of the surfboard factory, his latest project was the second generation finless by Chris Garrett, probably one of the hardest boards to sand down perfectly. but it came out flawless. With the diversity of shapers and boards that pass through the bay, Yohan has hand foiled everything from Tyler Warren side bites and Bonzer keel fins, to Jai Lee log singles and Ellis Ericson 12 inch tracker flex fins. His work even holds the seal of approval from legendary fin foiler and owner of FluidFoil, Phil Way, who dropped by the Temple not too long ago, and after man handling some of Yohan's work, couldn't find anything to critique. Here's a slice of Yohan's daily activities. It gets rather dusty in the sanding bay so be glad your behind your computer screen!