April 03 2020 Friday at 04:01 PM

Salsa's Phantom Shapes

Since his stint here at the Temple earlier in the year we have missed, Chris 'Phantom' Garrett. Luckily for us he's back…and this time for good! Since he arrived on the Temple's soil, Salsa and Chris have been combining their brainpower and creativity, funneling it into designing and refining some new shapes. These are the first two creations to be polished off…a 5'0 'Little Buddy' and a 5'6 'Jewel'. Salsa's girlfriend and artist Mia Taninaka also jumped on the creativity band wagon by banging out both graphics for the boards. After some time out in the glassing bay receiving a couple of resin tint jobs, the boards got screen printed with Mia's original artwork. Salsa definitely wanted to put some miles on the shapes so he took the Jewel out for a test ride this morning. A swell that never showed prompted a quick local afternoon session, small waves but fun never the less. Chris Garrett will be a familiar fixture in the Deus shaping bay, so if you're looking for a custom board… put in your orders cuz' he gonna get busy quick fast!