April 03 2020 Friday at 02:31 PM

Salsa's Bat Tail

Many of our regular readers might already recognize the long blonde locks of Jason 'Salsa' Salisbury. One of the three surfers featured on our recent surf trip, finalist in our recent Slidetoberfest and we are very pleased to announce his new mantel… the first Deus Team Rider…Brand Ambassador…or whatever you want to call it. We prefer to call him the newest member to the Temple of Enthusiasm's family.
As an active professional free surfer and possessing more than a little talent in the design area of things, Salsa will be working with Deus in all areas of the Temple. First things first though, we needed to get some boards under his feet, Ellis had shaped him a couple but we were thinking maybe something with more than one fin could add a bit of flavor.
As luck would have it, Tyler Warren has been residing in the Temple's shaping bay, finishing up a batch of boards for Deus. After a bit of foam covered back and fourth, Salsa and Tyler came up with a pretty unconventional Bat tail inspired take on his Bar of Soap design. I managed to catch up with Tyler before he jetted back to the states and this is what he had to say about the whole endeavor… "Ahh the Bat Tail. Well Salsa just happened to stop by the shaping bay while I was cranking out some soaps for the the shop before I headed home. I was planning on shaping him one after he was shredding so hard at the Slidetoberfest. Him and his brother came by the bay and we started rapping out about tails…Swallows VS Squash. I said that a swallow allows the board to engage in the wave a lot more then a squash tail. Then "Bat Tail" popped in my head, It was just one of those random moments when your with a friend and your imagination runs wild. I started drawing miniature scaled tails on the half-way shaped board foam. Salsa liked one of the drawings, so we ran with it! I grabbed these rounded wood fins that were laying on the rack collecting dust. Drew 2 pencil lines on the tail using the fins as my curve. Next thing you know I am sawing into the board from the tail to the nose. With most bat tails, the center point goes the same length as the rail tips. My idea soon became that if I were to keep the center (stringer) tip a bit closer it would act as a "reverse swallowed bat tail". They are all minute changes that are more for fun then anything else. But you never know... that small section of foam in the tail region could allow the board to work that much better and sink the tail an inch more into the wave allowing for a more engaged turn, adding up to more power from the wave." There you have it, straight from the shapers mouth. Salsa hasn't been out on the "Bali Batmobile" yet, but we'll be sure to tell you his thoughts when he does!