April 03 2020 Friday at 04:16 PM

Rusty Fongers restoration

A few months back, whilst trekking through the back-lands of Java on an unrelated expedition, we came across somewhat of a gem in the rough. With more rust than a cold war tank and tires like elastic bands, we threw it in the back of the truck musing ideas of a future restoration.Time passed as it sat undignified at the back of the storage shed, collecting rust upon its original rust. Then came the day, the day it was decided to start the project we had been too busy for the last months. Said frame was pulled out and set upon by the Bengkel wrench monkeys, the layers of rust were sanded and off she went for some love in the paint-booth. Everything on this ride, bar the frame, is brand new and mostly custom made. From the leather pouches made by Mogil for Deus to the one-off rear seat, this bike oozes a stylish simplicity from a time past. Which is pretty fitting since the frame is a Dutch 1930's Fongers which found its way over to Indo from Holland during the Dutch occupation. Adding a springer front end and a cruiser set up to the frame brings a touch comfort to this piece of history as well as preparing it for the potholes of Bali.