April 03 2020 Friday at 09:15 PM

ROUNDHOUSE feat. Mark Farina at Shibuya Contact

日本のみなさん 英語の下に日本語があります。 Deus Records was back for a second round at Shibuya Contact since its first ‘spin’ earlier in March of this year. This time teaming up with legendary DJ, Mark Farina. Since 1996, the San Francisco-based DJ/producer has been a popular favorite with his instrumental hip hop/trip hop “Mushroom Jazz” sound. ROUNDHOUSE was his first return to Japan in two years and Deus Records was invited to take part in the event aimed at enjoying some West Coast groove. We were honored with the offer and eagerly planned our participation. With a strong commitment to acoustic quality, Shibuya Contact is one of Tokyo’s top clubs where talented artists from both Japan and abroad take to the stage. The venue is made up of three rooms, the Studio X main area, the Contact bar, and the Foyer lounge. Naturally, Mark played a Mushroom Jazz set on the Contact floor and then later a house music set on the main floor confirming his roots to Chicago and Chicago House. On this evening, the Deus crew ran the Foyer floor. Inherently associating Deus with the rotary mixer, Contact prepared us with an E&S DJR400 mixer, which immediately got us stoked to party. We rolled in Deus bikes and surfboards onto the venue floor and created a Deus summer lounge specially for the night. Deus Records’ DJ lineup featured Gomez & Kota - familiar faces at our Harajuku store, the Push crew rolling in with their Shonan sea breeze, along with the Takibi Dub crew with their boss, Shiba-san, who graced the stage with his trumpet which livened up the atmosphere. It goes without saying that everyone on Mark Farina’s dance floor were enjoying his tunes immensely, wearing huge grins on their faces, and savoring a truly happy moment. Everybody there skilled dancers or not, were out on the floor simply enjoying the groove. All in all a pretty awesome night. Cheers everyone! Where will the next Deus Records event in Japan or overseas be? Stay tuned! For all you music-lovers out there - check out Deus Records’ official Instagram for details on Deus Harajuku store’s DJ Bar TrapDoor (every Thur) and SocialClub (every Fri.) featuring a line-up of DJs home grown and from abroad. There’s also global Deus music info here as well! Deus Records として今年3月に初参戦してから2回目の参加となる渋谷コンタクト。 今回我々がタッグを組むのは あのマーク・ファリナだ。 1996年から続くミックスシリーズ『Mushroom Jazz』で不動の人気を博した サンフランシスコ拠点のDJ/プロデューサー、Mark Farinaが『ROUNDHOUSE』で2年ぶりに来日するにあたり、西海岸のグルーヴ感を一緒に楽しめるイベントをしないかと PRIMITIVE INC.から誘いを受けたのだ。勿論断る理由は無く急ピッチで話が進む。 渋谷コンタクトは音響にもこだわり,国内外の実力派アーティストが出演する都内屈指のクラブである。フロアは メイン:Studio X バー:Contact ラウンジ:Foyerと3部屋で構成されており マークは勿論メインフロアでダンスセット、ContactフロアでMushroom Jazzセットをプレイ。そしてデウスクルーはFoyerフロアをオーガナイズする事になった。 デウスといえばロータリーミキサーだろという事でE&S DJR400を用意してくれた会場側の好意にテンションが上がる。 地下二階にある会場へ カスタム車両にサーフボードを積み込み一夜限りのデウスサマーラウンジルームを出現させた。 デウス レコーズDJ陣は原宿店でもお馴染みのGomez & Kota, 湘南の潮風をまとうpush..クルー、焚火dubクルーそして彼らのボスShibaがトランペットで演出に華を添え更に場内を盛り上げる。 勿論マーク・ファリナがプレイしているフロアもそこに居る誰もが音を楽しみ、それぞれ最高な笑顔を魅せ、至福の時間を味わっている。踊りが上手い下手とかそんなの関係無く、とにかく音を楽しむ。なんだこれは めちゃくちゃいいパーティじゃないか。 みなさんどうもありがとうございました! All Photos by Contact 次は国内、海外どこで出張デウスレコーズがあるのか。みなさんお楽しみに。 Deus Records公式インスタグラムでは 毎週木金は国内外の様々なDJを楽しめる デウス原宿店 DJ Bar (TrapDoor 木曜) (SocialClub 金曜) の情報を始め、世界各国のデウス音楽情報をお届けしているので、音好きな人は是非チェックを!