April 03 2020 Friday at 02:31 PM


The Man, The Surfer, The Legend, The Enigma,…. after a visit to the home land of Australia with the Deus crew, I woke the next morning back here in Bali to here finale chapter of MP’s life on earth has now been written. I first became aware of Michael Peterson through the surf mag’s of the day, when I was just a “Grom”. They said he was almost unbeatable. Looking back to the pre “Pro Surfing” era, they were right! It is well celebrated that he won every major surf comp in Australia, in the first half of the 70’s. Including numerous Queensland , Aust titles & 3 Bells titles, against the world’s best. In 1976 the Surfer that had won the most from the Surf comp’s that were offering prize money, was deemed to be the 1st “World Professional Surfing Champion” ( of which P.T. won). Then in 77, a circuit was formulated, the 1st, World Circuit Pro Contest, was to be held at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, with a new man on man format. MP came out of retirement to take on the worlds best again, they were only playing for 2nd place, of which the great MR secured. Michael had it won before he even entered the water (as he did). To me it seems fitting that his last ever surf was winning the 1st, World Circuit Pro Contest. There are so many amazing storys about the very unique, life & times of MP in & out of the water that he will long be remembered in surfing folk law history! For Michael the “demon’s” have gone, to Joan, Tommy & all family our condolences. With Great Respect Monty P.S. if anybody has a better cutback shot than the screen grab on the in side cover of “Morning of the Earth” please send it, so I can put you straight!