April 03 2020 Friday at 03:45 PM

Right Of Passage

Over the years the Deus Cafe has had some pretty interesting names and faces come through its doors! However its not often that some of these folks have just as exciting motorcycle stories as our guest next month. Last week Mr Terry Serio Pulled up at the House Of Simple Pleasures for a bit of a catch up. Between theater and TV roles and hosting Wednesday morning Stage Fright on FBI Radio, Terry still has time to front his own group, Terry Serio's Ministry of Truth (a fresh take on Australian folk touching on country) A lot of the music pays homage and respect to both his past as well as his experiences on the road. With his first major role in 82 in the Australian cult motorhead film 'Running On Empty' its no surprise that Terry loves bikes. Besides the 15 od accidents not to mention a collision with a roo which is sort of considered a right of passage back over in WA. He has had some more positive stories which includes a Moto Guzzi which he has owned for the past 23 years. This Bikes just pumped full of character and personality, with more battle scars than a Arnie film you can tell this bikes had an interesting life. After a bit of time off from two wheels. Terry arrived back in western Australia in 91 where he spotted the Guzzi sitting on the showroom floor where he had en instant connection with it. He snatched her up and quickly broke her in with its first 1500kms. Since then he's embarked on numerous rides from here to S.A, Melbourne to Coolangatta and so on. The Tacho has ticked over a whopping 160000kms and is still the daily commute. As the bike is a re-issue of the 750s from the 70s the only real modifications is a mild cam providing more torque and heavy duty spokes in the rear to match. 'Terry Serio's Ministry of Truth' will be playing at the Deus Cafe on the 12th, 19th and 27th of March and with songs like 'Cold .45' and 'Dust remains'. You will be in for an awesome night! In the mean time be sure to check out the Stage Fright show on FBI, Wednesday mornings with Terry and Stephen Ferris