April 03 2020 Friday at 02:16 PM

Rich Pavel

Said it before and we’ll say it again…we’re so damn lucky to receive this constant stream of the most amazing people, from as many if not more, walks of life. Here we are, this young company and like any form of youth, we are constantly influenced by exposure to this procession of knowledge, imagination and skills these people possess. The amazing thing is everyone’s been so ready to impart any and all, which in itself leaves us totally gob-smacked.

Recently Californian Shaper, surfer and an extremely generous person, Rich Pavell came to stay for a week. Long story short, he ended up staying for almost ten weeks. He didn’t leave us empty handed, besides the quiver of beautiful boards he shaped while here he found some time to jot down some words about what Bali, over this time, came to mean for him. Reading them we couldn’t help but feel a certain irony in seeing that student had become teacher. You see, we are now the student and came to see him as mentor, sounding board, role model and if you like… uncle. It’s only fitting that we share. Until next time “Uncle Rich”.