April 03 2020 Friday at 04:31 PM

Rainbow of goodies

Under a blanket of darkness, with its blacks and grey's, three crates arrived at Number 88 Batu Mejan. So heavy they were that we had to open them atop their carriage and unpack them piece by piece. Sweating and cussing followed as the truck began to get lighter.
After the job was done we sat and speculated as to the contents of what now filled half our workshop. Impatient and fueled by caffeine we decided we couldn't wait till sun up, and cracked a couple boxes open to gaze upon our new treasures.
These colorful treats are what stared at us as we ripped back the last of the packaging. A rainbow of goodies ready for use. From Velocity "White V" and "Antifreeze Green" rims, to every color tire you could conceivably put on your ride.
These along with the rest of the crates contents will soon make their way onto the showroom floor, so if you've been searching for some hot pink tires to adorn your bicycle or some lightweight rims to make you that little bit faster, come check em' out before they sell out!