April 03 2020 Friday at 09:00 PM


You know when you arrive in Bali and your being driven or driving from the airport to the place you’re staying in Canggu or Berawa, you gaze out the window and can’t help but see the plethora of great street art that adorns forlorn walls in forgotten lanes. You get to the last set of lights on Sunset. You glance to the left and gasp at the beautiful image of a Balinese woman’s face two stories high. It’s breathtaking. You smile. It tells your inner that you have really arrived in Bali. You probably didn’t know it then, but you’ve just seen a Quint. This is a guy who was among the first street artists on the scene in Bali many moons ago. He’s been out there all those years firmly committed to his personal mission to spread beauty and love wherever he goes. His statements of it have long been seen across rice fields, on walls and corners and now we have bought them inside out of the rain onto the walls of the Deus Gallery. Quint believes that natural beauty is something found within simplicity and femininity. So, it comes as no surprise to find that most of Quint’s subject matter is either beautiful women or majestic animals & fish. It is the purity extracted from the inside that inspires the artist. It’s the spontaneity, the culture, and the essentials. For Quint, it’s not complicated…He sees, he likes, he creates, and in doing so, he spreads the goodness around, sharing it with the world. Quint joined forces with Nyaman Gallery a few years ago, and since then has done a number of group and solo exhibitions throughout Indonesia and in Europe. Nowadays you can find his stencil art adorning the walls of galleries across the world`s capitals, places such as Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, and of course his home town, Jakarta. The solo exhibition by Quint in the Deus Gallery is called “Essentials” It runs from March 1st until March 31st The exhibition was curated by Nyaman Gallery Images by Didit Prasetyo Adiwibowo