April 03 2020 Friday at 08:15 PM

Pocket Full of Garden - Thomas Edwards

Thomas' bike was built over a few months at home with the help of a mate who is a mechanic. When asked about the idea behind his bike this is what he had to say... "Few bikes are set up for the kind of travel I want to do, right out of the showroom. The decision to build a KLX 250 for Indonesia was an idea I have had for a while. I wanted to re-build a classic & turn it into something that could hit any terrain in true Baja style, capable of smashing long mileage but also perfect for that weekend ride in the sticks. We threw the questions to him and these are his responses. How long have you been riding a motorcycle? A few years now, I only really picked it up when I moved to Bali in 2014. I use to build & ride a lot of down-hill mountain bike trails back home in the UK & always imagined what It would feel like on a motorcycle. So, I was stoked to finally pick one up. What does motorcycling mean to you? Motorcycling to me is about that full life, a sense of freedom, high-fives, camping, getting stoked, getting dirty, finding new lines, a real connection between you, the bike & the road, and a clear mind even when you are unsure of what lies ahead. What bike did you ride on the trip? I rode my own custom built KLX 250s that I have been building over the past few months, I wanted to re-build a classic & turn it into something that could hit all terrains in true Baja style, capable of smashing long mileage but also perfect for that weekend ride in the sticks. When I heard the boys wanted to do a trip around Bali I thought it would be a perfect test. Thoughts? Would you add or remove / improve anything? The bike had a few fuck ups, not gonna lie, but that's where you learn. A few blown fuses. I also built a custom EFI housing as the tank was actually made for a CR & we didn't put a bleed valve onto it, so it wasn't sucking enough fuel into the engine. Luckily Sinyo, our mechanic, was around so we worked on it over night & got it running nicely for the rest of the trip. How was it living on the bike for 8 days? It was rad, nothing better than 4 friends thrashing bikes around the fertile valleys of Bali for a week. I got this really excitingly calm feeling while loading all the gear onto the bikes. Of course, we had some tense moments, like wading through a waist deep river, but I think after all of it, we all kinda knew that everything was going to be ok. Haha. I love camping too, nothing beats being outdoors & being in the wild. Is this the longest trip you have done on a motorcycle? Yes, I think I want to go longer next time, maybe 2 weeks. Ride, Explore & surf.... Sounds dreamy. What was your most memorable part of the trip? That's a hard one. There were so many moments that will stay with me forever, I think the river crossing was all time. We were told it was only ankle deep & I went first. All I remember was there was a moment where my front wheel just kept sinking & sinking & sinking… I couldn't stop thinking what the fuck is going on here? We’ve been stitched up! Tom got this photo of my face as the freezing water hit my crotch. It was madness, but fuck that's what it’s all about. Pushing your limits. If you could do any part different, what would it be? I wouldn't change a thing, probably just more camping in the woods. Oh, and riding a KTM 690 Enduro haha. Pick another person from the trip and give us a little insight on them. Anything impressive / disappointing? Tom Hawkins, Photographer. We have been riding a lot together over the past few years. Not so much off road but I love his ability to make any situation fun, he loves talking bikes. Oh & he rides like a madman. Only downside is his snoring! ;) You went to quite a different type of Bali than you are used to. What surprised you the most about the areas you visited? I was mostly surprised about the climate. It was cold! We were covered up head to toe, riding gloves, the lot. It's sometimes hard to get lost in places you know so well, but I truly had that feeling that we weren’t in Bali Standing there amongst the pine trees, with the mist rolling in, it felt like we were in Oregon or Canada...it was totally unexpected. Out of everyone on the trip who would you let punch you in the face? Probably Cal, I feel like he would hurt himself more than he would hurt me... If you had to choose a song to listen to in your helmet whist riding those mountain roads, what would it be? Robbie Basho – Rocky Mountain Raga Where else in the World would you like to explore via motorcycle and why? Mongolia & Kazakhstan, I have heard amazing stories come from that way. The views and trails sound incredible. It’s all about being off the beaten track, I hear its riding heaven. What did you like about your bike? I am super stoked on the Hella Black Magic 500 head lights I bought. I don’t plan on riding much at night, but I wanted to be prepared for it if it happens. What did you not like about your bike? My tank now holds 18 litres, which means it's a little hard to pull wheelies from time to time.