April 03 2020 Friday at 04:15 PM

Paths of pain to Jewels of Glory

On February the 11th to 13th Deus will be holding an event of fixed proportions. 'Paths of Pain to Jewels of Glory' will be a free event, open to all fixed gear enthusiasts.Get ready for 3 days of fixed gear simplicity. Reign in the pain as you fang down your personal path to glory. We're gonna have bike builds, bar crawls, endurance rides and contests to test your metal. Rides organized from city-side to surf-side, amongst rice-fields and through city traffic. Be sure to catch some winks before you come as it's bound to be a leg-aching, but not back-breaking weekend. We're gonna ride and slide and spice it with oodles of late nights and early mornings. An event specific website will be launched before the end of January. The site will offer a more detailed Agenda, Accommodation and Transport options as well as maps of various rides. So keep you eyes out for the release either here on on our Facebook page.