April 03 2020 Friday at 03:15 PM

PÂKÊ frames stocked and ready

Well look at what we have here...Seems some candy colored tubular tricksters just shimmied their way onto the showroom floor but a few days ago. This gaggle of P KÊ frames arrived by air and have been begging to show their colors to the likes of the Temple folk.
Now on display and for sale at Deus Canggu are, 2 steel and 1 alloy frame set, just waitin' to be snatched up.
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Here is a break down to give you a little insight into these delightful creations-
Steel (Grey / Red)
  • Tange Chrome-olly tube set
  • 5mm track ends
  • 1 1/8 headset
  • 27.2 seat post
  • Clearance for 28c Tires
  • Frame size - Grey 51cm / Red 53cm
  • IDR 4.5Million (with forks)
Alloy (Blue)
  • 7005 series Aluminum
  • clearance for 28c tires
  • track ends have replaceable steel plates
  • 120mm rear hub spacing
  • 27.2 mm seat post
  • Thread-less steering
  • 51cm frame size
  • IDR 7million (with forks)
Come on down to fondle these first hand, who knows maybe you'll end up building a whole bike!