April 03 2020 Friday at 03:15 PM

Özlem & Andy's 'Kicked back Gypsy Folk Rap'

Bali attracts people form every walk of life, from the exploratory traveling backpacker to the Über rich relaxing beach side. In amongst this diversely populated cross section, there is a steady stream of creative folk walking the island, either on a stint of inspiration seeking, or living their life between the beaches, rice fields and mountains.
Now as always in life, when two forces converge they either produce mass destruction, or work with one another to create something un- obtainable when apart.
Enter the duo of Andy and Özlem, our convergence of creative forces. separately they both posses a talent for music…Özlem with her, 'back in the day' rap lyricism…and Andy with his rootsy voice and way with a six string. A seemingly less than likely combo that have formed a collaboration, creating something a little different in the process. Both are regular Sunday Session performers at theDeus Café, and met one fateful night here at the Temple….bringing together a Sydney via Turkey girl…and an English country boy from the fields of whey…quite the pair they are. If i were to try and put a name to the genre or style, the best i could do would be…"Kicked back Gypsy Folk Rap"…with Andy strumming down an acoustic melody and Özlem's words and voice layering seamlessly on-top…complimenting each other in synchro…its something you have to hear live to feel. This Sunday the 16th of April, the pair will be gracing the Deus Café's veranda for the Sunday Sunset Session, so pay us a visit for a few drinks and hear these guys live….you wont regret it!