April 03 2020 Friday at 03:15 PM

Overseas frame bearers

A couple of weeks ago, on a street called Camperdown, a couple of gentlemen walked into an establishment named Deus Ex Machina….They arrived unannounced, and brought with them a plethora of awesome, to which the folks had never seen before.
The two men unloaded 18, Japanese built, Keirin spec, racing frames onto the hardwood floor and watched as the Cycleworks boy's eye's grew wide, as if Christmas came in the form of tubular steel.
Once the news crossed the water and hit our doorstep, we were lucky enough to coerce the boys to send us over a little slice of the group. We just unpacked our 3 gems, and we had to just fondle and stare for a good hour. They are hitting the showroom a little later on today, so if your interested, I would come on down as they are gonna go fast….One of the Bali Fixx Comm boys bunked off work today to snatch up the Kalavinka. We have the Bridgestone Anchor (with stem and handlebars) along with the Reminton left up for grabs, going for 12 million and 12.9 million respectively. come on down and fondle them yourself!