April 03 2020 Friday at 02:31 PM

Opening Night of Cluster Fuck

Once again Deus gallery were proud to see artists receive such a warm and welcoming opening night here at the Temple. Sandow Birk and Elyse Pignolet humbly enjoyed sharing their ideas on the Motorbike world of Bali, a subject that is as complicated as it is dangerous. Rustic urbanization on two wheels, a daily part of life for anyone that has ever been to Bali, let alone lived here. Everyone had various experiences to draw from with most as keen as mustard to have the chance to chat to the embracing couple from LA .

It's no wonder that the night was filled with miles and miles of smiles & luxurious laughter. Petrol driven parochial meets modern mayhem. The conversation took more twists and turns than a dangerous coastal road… Stops and starts like successive red lights. People pulling over to eat at Bakso carts. Detail upon detail. Truths were revealed.

One of the main attractions would have to have been a large scale drawing in a fish eye intimacy of outdoor life in Bali. The ball shaped head twister of an image, left you looking for hours and hours, deeper and deeper. Round and round.

So for those who did not embrace us with your presences the other night do yourself a favor and please come down and take pleasure in the gas guzzling chaos of the aptly named art show, “Cluster Fuck”.