April 03 2020 Friday at 05:15 PM

One Helluva Romp, in the Canggu Womp Comp

They thought we were crazy, those magnificent men on their wave ring machines, when we first mentioned we wanted to hold the Bali’s first body surfing event, the Inaugral Deus Canggu Womp Comp. The field filled slow and reluctantly in the weeks leading up to the 9’ & Single Art, Music and Log Fest weekend. Then come Friday night, and whether cajoled by their peers or spurred by scuttlebutt, it no longer mattered, for we were chock-a-block. Saturday morning at sparrow’s people busied themselves running about. Banners and flags. Coffee Bali and eggs on toast. A little after seven the MC’s called the first heat, five men fronted and swam out into the perfect 2-3 foot waves, the 4 foot sets, that pitched and spat as they jacking up on the Sandbar at Canggu. We sat sprawled about on the hill and peppered the place with jibes from the floating mics. Disbelievers became converts as heat after heat came back toshore and exclaimed how unreal it was to pull on a cap, drag on some fins, pick up the handplane and womp the angry little knoll out front. There were the odd grudge matches born from jest and one upmanship. The most serious decision on the day though was exactly when to have the next beer. Not that it was all beer and skittles, the rip ran hard and fast, frothing in front before heading around to the left and out. A ways off shore it set a new bearing, right, straight through the impact zone and further out. Hard to keep position. Continually kicking sideways to keep your spot. Sets would appear out back and competitors would jostle for position. Now and then a rider wouldn’t quite make the drop, when they did we were treated to barrels and rolls and sets of shoulders racing along. The crowd on the hill mimicked the action out front with catcalls and appreciative ahhhs and consolatory ooooos. Fifteen minute heats, run back to back laid waste to the event so fast that it was well before twelve when the final four entered the fray and put on this amazing display of waterwork. Results were not to be known until Sunday night, but that’s all in the past so I can let you now how they went. In first place Tai ‘Buddha’ Graham, second was taken out by Harrison Roach, third went to Luke ‘Flapper’ Flanders and finishing in a well-respected fourth place, Dylan Kalzmaek. Such a fun filled event it’s changed the most sceptical and solidified into not only being a great idea but definitely set to return to Bali’s shores next year as a more major part of the weekend known as, The Deus 9’ & Single Art, Music & Log Fest. We’ve more to tell you about the weekend just past. Come back tomorrow for a lookinto the sit down, drag around question answering 2nd Annual Shapers Forum. That too was a blast.