April 03 2020 Friday at 04:45 PM

On Any Movie Night

After a pretty heavy week here at the Temple we are gonna slow things down just a tad with a chilled out family movie night this Saturday the 23rd of October. Since we are a custom motorcycle building company after all we thought it'd only make sense to show one of the most famous movies from the motorcycle genre. Bruce Brown's 'On any Sunday' will hit our courtyard big screen at sundown, so bring a sarong to lay on the grass. Popcorn for the kiddies, Bintang's for the boys and Lemongrass Lychee martinis for the lady folk. Fun times for sure. See y'all on Saturday!
P.S Sushi Chef and Deus fixture, Tyler Mars, will be dicing up some tasty treats for your pallet's pleasure. Get ready for his signature rolls, The Sid Fishous and Satanic Mechanic.