April 03 2020 Friday at 03:45 PM

Oh What A Weekend

The past 72 hours on our island home have been quite eventful to say the least. Things kicked off on friday night with the annual YAK magazine awards at Mosaic, we were nominated for best Ad campaign…and low 'n' behold, we won! Chuffed with the new addition to the trophy cabinet, we made full use of the open bar on offer…So much so that we ended up losing said new edition…we will find it eventually.

The next night, and after a day of shared sinus pounding hangovers, the crew gathered their wits and reconvened at Potatohead Beach Club for a live performance by Foster The People. Without going into too much detail, and to keep ourselves from admitting to a number of misdemeanor offenses, lets just say it was…messy. Fun but ever so messy. Thanks for the VIP tickets boys, the bottles of grey goose went down rather nicely!

The next day was mercifully a lot more laid back, it started off with some long-boarding with the a couple of the Foster the People boys (yep, they can surf). Which then proceeded into some afternoon beachside flat tracking until heading over to the Temple for a Deus Sunday Sunset Session. Reno is in town and rocked out on stage along with some other cool cats. The boys from the band were kicking back after the previous Potatohead performance, hanging in the courtyard and enjoying ice cold beers.

It was a helluva weekend, and although it was immensely fun, i think we are all a little glad that its over. Until next time!

(PS if anybody sees a golden martini cup trophy with our name on it, bring it back to the temple for a beer on the house!)