April 03 2020 Friday at 07:01 PM

O Six Hundred Kayaks, Keeping innovation afloat.

Deus Amigos Andrew Simpson and Ben Cooper have come up with the revolutionary Kayak design inspired by ancient inuit designs from the bronze age. The O Six Hundred kayaks is a build-it-your self, Ikea like Kayak made from plywood cut outs that snap together to form a structurally strong and incredibly light Kayak. After the structure is incased in translucent carbon fabric, the O Six Hundreds is litter than a toddler ( 10kg ) and a 100% more quitter. The O Six Hundred comes ‘ready to assemble’. If you’re strong enough to lift it, you’re smart enough to build it. 30 marine-ply ribs create the primary frame. Cedar spines stretch out to create surprising strength. Finally, the carbon skin completes your kayak - taught, tough and waterproof. Find out more about the Design Award Winning O Six Hundred Kayak HERE