April 03 2020 Friday at 05:01 PM


Treat yourself, here’s the plan: Pack your car full of boards and sneak away for a midweek swell. Take the day off, surf your brains out and head back whatever life you live, feeling refreshed. If your a surfer and your missing the quality time in the water that your accustomed to, your not as happy as you should be. I know you have your favourite, within striking distance, surf spot. Go to it! You’ve got one day, but this is not a day trip… nope, it’s a little more than that. It’s simple, leave home the night before, skip the traffic and cruise the quiet highways to whatever destination you’ve decided on. No getting in the car to begin the journey that morning, no peak hour traffic, your supposed to be taking advantage your sick day. Stress less. Get as much time in the water as you can. Arrive in the dark, sleep in the car, in the car park, on the beach. Wake up before the sun rises – surf – hit your favourite coffee shop – surf – hit your favourite lunch spot – surf – hit your favourite dinner spot. Et voila’, your back on the road (after traffic) and heading home with a smile on your face. Surfed out, tired and happier than when you left, and you know what? If you time it right, you’ll slide into waves just like I did on my last night-day-night trip, or whatever you call it. All photos by Woody Gooch. ~ HARRISON ROACH