April 03 2020 Friday at 05:01 PM

New Blood.... Deni Firdaus

This pubescent grom’s “coming out” in Java is a great example how all one needs to become a talented longboarder at a young age is a suitable wave and access to a suitable board… That would at least explain how young Deni has appeared relatively out of nowhere from the growing tadpole pool of talent under the mentorship of Husni Ridhwan in the islands west. Deni’s first cross step was a mere two months ago after borrowing his Sensai’s Thomas/Deus log for an afternoon slide. It could only have been a matter of weeks before the basic concept of 60′s style surfing was lodged in his brain. Already his smooth steps have led to stylish kicks and well-positioned heel hangs. Deni’s surfing was once limited to what he could achieve on his shortboard and the small days at his local point went un-ridden by him, until now. His local is a world class loggin’ wave and he has the perfect craft to take advantage of it after a new board was shipped over from the Temple last week. The sky is the limit for young Deni and I’m very excited to see how far he and this first generation of Indonesian loggers can take it. Harrison Roach