April 03 2020 Friday at 09:15 PM

We're all 'NATURAL BREATHING' in the Deus Gallery

The story of Deus Ex Machina may have begun in 2006 in Sydney, Australia. However, for C-Reel & Louis Stimes, the two artists behind the Deus Galleries latest Show, "NATURAL BREATHING", that original Deus custom motorbike workshop has long been left behind. For them what excites them about the brand is how it has become the point by which others gauge themselves. "Deus is now a culture, an attitude, a way of life," remarked Cyril, "Its philosophy is clearly focused on notions of authenticity, enthusiasm and openness." When the photographer C-Reel first arrived in Bali in 2016, he was already well aware of the brand and its influence, but more exciting to him was that he knew that one of their flagship stores, The Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, was also located there. "Deus Temples are thought of as a destination rather than a store. They provide a gathering place for motorcyclists, surfers and skateboarders, and yes of course, urban artists. They are a place where people can immerse, be involved and view the Deus brand’s achievements whether it be in their surfboards, unique motorcycles, clothing, skateboards or bicycles. It is also a place where you might discover exclusive works of art." Fully identifying himself with the lifestyle and direction of the Deus brand, C-Reel decided, for the sheer pleasure of it, to attend the various Deus competitions of surf and motorbikes to immortalize them. “Natural Breathing” is the culmination of three years of Deus events in Bali. This retrospective of C-Reel’s documentation of Deus is also the introduction of the hand of Louis Stimes who has added his typography and stories to each of the photos. Making each more unique and authentic, customizing them to both honor and align with the street DNA of the brand. For this exhibition, they have used the Dichroic Technology developed by the 3M brand, to produce a unique visual experience. C-REEL Cyril Saulnier, alias C-Reel, has already lived many professional lives: At one or more times in the past, he has been an artistic director, designer, stylist, and entrepreneur. These days, he can more often than not, donning the hat of fashion and lifestyle photographer. Based in Bali since 2016, this trip is the trigger of his career. In his photography, as with most things in his life, he is the true self-taught man. His passion for the image and his curiosity have set him apart from the rest and allowed him to work with many brands including Redbull, Etam, Oakley and Le Coq Sportif. LOUIS STIMES French typographer artist, Louis Stimes draws inspiration and the boundless enthusiasm and energy he puts into each of his letters, from his deep love of architecture as well as his love of graffiti, a practice of his past and a continuing passion of his. Louis’ defining desire to innovate, to imagine what no one else dared to do before is the origin of each of his creations. He is the teller of mysterious stories that he then uses to successively cover bodies, canvases and practically any other object that he can use. Check out the Deus Gallery at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm, Bali Indonesia. The show runs until the 23rd September 2019.