April 03 2020 Friday at 08:31 PM

Natural Madness. A Deus Gallery Exhibition

"There is a natural madness that growths within us! You don’t have to be a scientist to see how unbalanced humans and nature are... How completely out of kilter everything has become. A place where there are pets with better living conditions than humans, while masses of marginalized people are being swept under the carpet of urban blight. A place where we eat sea-life that’s been dining out on the micro-plastic discards of our own dishes, where we have birds addicted to potato chips." For the Black Box Collective, these are just a few of life’s daily observations that shine a light on the complete lack of connection between us, all of us! Criticism, humour, and creativity are the chosen tools they have employed to communicate these ideas. To create this exhibition to help expose this new age craziness. "Our hope and desire are that these works will open your eyes and mind to this natural madness. That you will begin to ask yourself questions. What is my responsibility in this pattern? Am I changing it or just reinforcing it?" "At the end of the day the future is in your hands? Maybe you can do something about it… tomorrow… hmmm?" Black Box is a fluid collection of musicians and artists, they are a dynamic art collective. Expanding and contracting, traveling from country to country, you could call them modern-day gypsies, minstrels and art rovers traveling from land to land, interacting with the local people and their cultures, absorbing their inspiration and making art and music for their room and supper. Throughout their journeys, they chronicle this life they’ve carved out for themselves with exhibitions like the one they put on at the Deus Gallery in Canggu. This is their way to make a difference, wherever we go. Their nomadic mantra is that art has the power to touch people. One step ahead and you're not in the same place anymore. A little something, they call… "Chico Science"