April 03 2020 Friday at 07:31 PM

MV Agusta - Build Diary Nr2

Some special developments on the Ago TT report here in Woolie's Workshop, namely considerable re-work of the gas tank after the first version was tossed into the scrap bin. The new shape is hardly much different to the untrained eye, but Michael Woolaway holds himself to superlative standards for getting things right, and sometimes even a subtle change can call for a completely fresh start when it comes to hand-shaped aluminum. The sub-frame has received a complete redesign to account for the new proportions, now a more Agostini-esqe road racing position with the rider hunched over the elongated tank, a characteristic affirmed by the raised lip of the seat cowl. These design cues are of coarse a nod to the racing legend and the build's namesake, Ago TT. Next on the agenda is side-cover fairings, paint, and seat pad. Stay tuned for an eye-popper! Special thanks to MV Agusta and Motul for their support of the project. Build Diary Nr1