April 03 2020 Friday at 04:01 PM

Munro's Hornet

Do you remember when you were 13? Getting home from school and causing mischief with your friends until you made you way home in the setting sun? Those were the days, not a care in the world and no real reason to concentrate on any one thing. Recently one of the Temple Groms, Munro, decided that if he cut his mischief causing time short for a month or so, and concentrated on building a handy mode of transport...He would be better off in the long run. So he took interest in building himself a custom motorcycle. Not just any bike would do, he scoured the internet to find out his steed of choice and the direction he wanted to take it. So, for his 13th birthday and after a bit of direction on what he wanted, Munro's dad went hunting and managed to come home with a beaten up 1976 CB 100 that he bought from a a local Balinese cock fighter. Seeing that the youngster was interested, and that it would aid him getting around the back roads to and from the beach, they brought the bike over the the Temples bengkel and set up a space in an unused corner. Everyday after school Munro would swing by to turn wrenches on his soon to be creation, and with a little help from everybody around the Temple, he soon had enough parts to construct what he saw in his mind. A mono shock Street Tracker is what he wanted, so our resident metal fabricator, Bagio, helped him hand beat the tank and rear section while Mustang supplied a new mono shock and aided with the geometry of the bike. While his dad bought him the bike for his birthday, us at the Temple, infected by his enthusiasm worked out which parts he needed to replace and went about acquiring them. Most of the parts like the Taco, Handle bars, lights, exhaust etc, were found by Munro at the "Thieves Market". These are defiantly not high grade Japanese parts he was mostly working with, most of them were Chinese knockoff's…but he loved it. After about four months of after school sessions, and with help in different areas, the project was complete…and all in all, I think the little Hornet came out looking pretty damn good. If you see this little yellow mono riding the back streets of Canggu, check the smile on the riders face, you can tell he deserves it!