April 03 2020 Friday at 08:47 PM

Moochers Paradise - Spring / Summer 2019

Packing and planning for a trip is an avid joy in life, on par with with inexplicably hot winds in heavy rain and wet socks. But there’s a silver lining within all the hard yakka. Finding somewhere to let go of constraints and let your ambition and spirit paddle their own canoe, is becoming abundantly harder in this day and age.

We hopped on a plane across the pond and set our eyes on Indonesia, where we could find the vistas and adventure that we were hungry for. And surely, after countless bumps, bruises, scrapes, we found just that.

This wasn’t just your typical spot where the palm trees swing, but a paradise where we could choose our own adventure at the roll of the dice in a crowded bar. Two cylinders rubbing shoulders, solid foam, great open roads and a few mates. The adventure called, and we didn’t waste our time. This was a calling to the moochers – a calling to paradise.

Now excuse us while we dry off our feet.

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Photos by Thomas Walk & Harry Mark

Words my Moose.