April 03 2020 Friday at 04:30 PM

Monty on The Good Ship Venus

Here in Bali, December is generally not the best time for swell. However we do get fun waves nearly everyday, especially if you have the right vessel. Take my good buddy Monty for instance, he picked up his new Deus Customs board yesterday, dubbed the 'Good Ship Venus' then proceeded to wake my ass up at 6AM this morning to go shoot him on his new 10 footer.
We met at the Temple for a coffee then cruised to the beach, the waves were 2 foot but fun, think Southern Cali on an average to good day. Monty reckons he has ten toes on the nose in the first photo, as you can see there is no truth to that but don't tell him that, we'll give him the senior citizens handicap).....love you long time Monty, we know you rip.