April 03 2020 Friday at 03:31 PM

Milan's Love For Deus

Friday the 16th Saw The media conference in Milan for the press launch of “Deus Italy” held during the international motorcycle exhibition EICMA, which exceeded all expectations. During the night more than 1000 people joined the party, Australian beer and Italian pizza had run out faster than expected and people were excited by the Deus bicycles and motorcycles that were built for the occasion. In particular The Lips had been the star of the night with hundreds of people asking for a picture with the motorcycle and Deus branding in the background! We never saw so many artists, fashion designers, journalists, young bikers and motorcyclists all together looking into the details of the Deus x Cinelli fixed gear, cafè racers as well as the SR500 Drovers Dog sporting a Bali shaped surf board. The night flowed with enthusiasm till late with kids jumping on big air pillows and parents speaking to each other in a simply magical atmosphere. The dream is coming true and glorious events will follow up soon, in almost two months from now we will see the Deus Milan Shop and Cafè opening.