April 03 2020 Friday at 09:01 PM

Lucky Buggers… the lot of them.

Arriving into Bali a week before the festivities of the Deus 9ft & Single seemed like a good idea on the chat group but the reality is the small surf and large crowds made for an uninspiring canvas to work with. Late night Nasi with some of the Temple Rats and a quick look at flight routing got the pot stirred though. Mentawis looked like it would get a bump in a few days and with Idul Fitri, the Muslim holidays at the end of Ramadan filling every internal flight to the gunnels a re-route through KL then the direct down to Padang in Sumatra would get the crew close. From there it would be overnight in a doss house and a first light boat out to Siberut Island and then another hour-long ride across to the Masokut Island. A place that has been calling surfers with her siren songs for nearly fifty years. The day and a half long journey was the necessary evil in getting to an unspoiled spot on the globe. Sand fresh of footprints, and with a wing and a prayer, some excellent waves. Let’s call them the “Lucky buggers” which was everyone that wasn’t otherwise engaged in the set up for the event, jumped on board. Harrison Roach, Zye Norris, Matt Cuddihy and Lewie Buddons would go laden with boards while Harry Mark and Andre Cricket would have more photographic and video gear than a New York shoot, to come along and capture it. Coconut palms that shaded patches of white beach with curved bays, protective coves and waves filing out of the Indian ocean and throwing themselves on the coral reefs that surround the Masokut Island that was their home for the next week. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? Well, it was. The bump the weather magicians had predicted was slower than first thought and they’d have to amuse themselves for a few days before they felt it. With a board for all sessions they did what they knew best and enjoyed their predicament. Days spent exploring perfect beaches and surfing little waves. What’s little? What they did get was head high they just weren’t the behemoths they thought they’d hoped they’d be getting. Tides and place conspired to provide daily distractions where it grew on an incoming or an outgoing and produced perfect waves all of which they took advantage of. There were adventures to other breaks on boats and by foot. Sunsets and conversations that continued until after last light. Matt had bought his surf mat for some fun filled folly. Of course, he got a verbal flaying from his castaway mates but when he paddled into the wind strewn line up and scored a few epic ones on it, wasn’t long before a couple of the boys swam out to body surf in beside him. Fun comes in all shapes and sizes and they opt in when they see they might be missing out. On their last full day there, the bump arrived. Most of it, however, was forecast for the coming days, but beggars aren’t choosers and the four of them lit out into what they had been given, with gusto. Week over they had to do the return home in reverse. More miles off course than on. Hours in waiting rooms and dodgy dinners. Even after that though, any of them would do it all again in a heartbeat. Cast & Crew stayed at the Luluni Mentawis Surf Bungalows Insta @lulunimentawaisurfbungalows https://www.mentawaisurfbungalows.com