April 03 2020 Friday at 05:31 PM

Mason Works His Magic

When Mason Dyer decided to pay us a visit at the Temple we were truly blessed. He’s been doing his own thing over in San Diego for some time now, pulling together his passion for hot rods and World Word II memorabilia and expressing them through his boards and clothing line. After a long stint as brand manager for Captain Fin he struck out on his own and launched Dyer Brand, and things are really taking off for him. Being a friend of the guys over at Deus Venice Beach, it was only a matter of time before an itch for travel and waves would get the better of him and he’d drop by to see us in Bali. After a trip to Japan, he headed south and arrived at the Temple, along with his beautiful wife Dee. After making himself at home in the workshop creating some one-off Dyer Deus longboards, we managed to pin him down for second and ask how his stay here had been.

Tell us a bit about the type of surf crafts you created at the Temple?

I shaped a few different style boards while I was at the Temple. I shaped a few Jetsons which is a Malibu Chip inspired log in the 8'10- 9'2 range. They are really responsive and a good alternative longboard if you dont want to ride a noserider. I also shaped a few Streamliners. Its designed for 60's style "Hot Doggin" surfing. Its really fast for a log, turns well and noserides well too. Its a really good all-around longboard especially in punchier style beach brake. I made a few Screaming Eagles which are a midlength that is my favorite board that I make. Its a fast board with a lot of edge in the tail to hold you in when you need it but its has a softer rail through the middle. It works well in punchy waves but is also rideable if it is a little smaller. If you can only ride one board the Screaming Eagle is it.

I was also really excited because I got to do a pin tail log that I worked on with Rich Pavel. We came up with the ideas for it over coffee one morning. We took my streamliner outline and mixed it with a pintail outline he really liked. We "averaged" out the outlines, cut it then I got to shape it. It was cool because it was one that we designed for surfing in Bali and I got a pretty crazy education from Rich in the process.

Are these the same kinda boards you shape over in Cali? Or did you change them up a bit?

They are all existing models with the exception of the one Rich and I shaped. I surf mostly punchy beach brake in Oceanside where my shop is. This really helped me look at board design a bit differently and offer models that work well in reef breaks and points but also beach brake. I tried to pick models that I make that I designed for punchier waves. I did change up minor things such as rocker for example. I normally use reverse rocker which works well in California. In Bali having all that tail rocker would feel like you were dragging a brick behind your board so I kept the tail kick pretty mellow. Everything else was pretty similar to the standard.

How did your boards go in the waves here in Bali?

Yea they went well. I was really psyched. I was in Japan for a few weeks before the trip to Bali so I limited myself to one board so I didnt have to carry a bunch of boards around. I designed the Screaming Eagle to be that board that you could pick up if you were going on a surf trip and could only take one board. I was really happy with the result in Bali. We had waves from over head and heavy to stomach high and mushy and the board handled everything pretty well.

Did you get some fun sessions while here?

Yea the surf was really fun. We were a bit worried because the surf is so hit and miss in November but we had fun surf pretty much everyday.

Where was your favorite spot to surf?

The rivermouth in Canggu. (I DONT REMEMBER THE NAME) It was a really fun long right that depending on the tide gave us everything from Lowers style lined up rights to really hallow sections when the tide got low. I dont know if thats how it normally breaks but it was one of my favorite spots I have surfed.

When are we going to be seeing that trademark tash again?

Ha! We will have to see. After 5-6 years or how ever long I had it, its time was up. Maybe when things mellow out and they stop putting mustaches on everything from babies pacifiers, to coffee mugs, to whatever I will bring it back but for now I guess its just hibernating.

It was a pleasure having Mason stay with use and his picture is already up in the shaping bay, alongside the other great shapers who have passed through our doors. We’re already looking forward to when he drops by the Temple again.