April 03 2020 Friday at 05:00 PM

Looks can be Deceiving

With the rise of real estate prices here in Sydney its not unusual for people to seek housing outside of the norm. Shipping containers are hot at the moment and are turning out to be a suitable substitute for housing. Here at Deus we have obviously got our priorities right! The latest addition to the House Of Simple Pleasures is our brand new onsite Shaping bay. What used to be a dormant Shipping container used for storing this that and the other is now what you see, a fully functioning, full featured surfboard shaping bay. Complete with pot plants and buckets of beer out the front. It also features a Flinstone's style lock and neon orange spanners for adjustments. The shaping bay has arrived just in time for this weekends surf swap meet with two skilful craftsmen (Thomas Bexon and Joel Fitzgerald) taking the reins by putting on a live shaping demonstration on the day.