April 03 2020 Friday at 09:01 PM

Lombok Surfari

Three friends from the same small town in Western Java, two of whom now live in other parts of the world, an old Mark II Landrover from 1961 borrowed from a friend of a friend's, friend. A planned surf trip to Lombok to take advantage of this shared location enabling them time to hangout and surf some great little waves and all three loaded to the hilt and bursting at the seams with an animated sense of adventure. You could say, they were all sorted. ⁠ Leaving late in the evening you miss the traffic to Pandangbai and can make great time. With the crossing on the car ferry taking anything from 5-10 hours, yes there is really that much variance in the timing, leaving on the midnight ferry was the aim, to get them in around dawn. Husni Ridhwan was behind the wheel. The oldest and the one that lived furthest away. He’d resettled in Noosa and Australia and had returned to first visit home, then attend the Deus 9ft & Single, and now finally, grab his boys and go for this surf trip. Dean Permana, the newest and youngest of the bunch had resettled to Bali, so he wasn’t venturing far and last but not least Deni Pirdaus had flown in from West Java for the comp and to chase waves with his buddy. The ferry took seven hours, the last couple sitting off the coast of Lombok waiting for the ferry in front to get loaded and out of the way. When they rolled off the boat they were well over it and headed south to find some spots. First up was Mawi. A vaguely populated bay with renown left and a lot less known right. These three were all naturals and to a man, they liked going left as much as they liked sandwiches for lunch, which isn’t very much. They arrived and diving straight into some small offerings which dislocated the dirt and washed off the past two days travel. Thus, they began to set up a sedate routine. Drive, park, surf, drive, eat, drive, sleep, drive, eat, drive, surf and so on. They took in Serangan, Grupuk, and even came back to Mawi. The days ticked off until there was none and they headed north once again and the ferry home. The landie performed amazingly. For a vehicle whose age was only slightly younger than the combined age of the three occupants, there wasn’t a hiccup from it the entire trip. No land speed records were broken during the trip the three boys from BK were able to catch up on miss times and hear about the others opportunities. They vowed to not leave it so long before the next time.