April 03 2020 Friday at 07:16 PM

Lombok Ramble : The journey

Lombok, Indonesia is a mysterious place filled with perfect waves, dense jungles, volcanoes and deserted beaches. We landed at the ferry port in Lombok late January 2016 for a 6 day trip arranged by Indonesia Moto Adventure. We explored the island from top to bottom and back again aboard 6 motorcycles of varying styles consisting of two Deus Scramblers, two custom built choppers from the renowned Kick Ass Choppers of Jakarta, Indonesia, a vintage triumph and two brand new Moto Guzzis straight off the showroom floor. The temperature was sweltering and humid without a cloud in the sky. The Crew was an international affair of Americans, Aaron Brimhall, Forrest Minchinton, Dallin Jolley and some of Indonesia’s finest in the motorcycle community, Arya Hidayat from Elders Company and Veroland from Kick Ass Choppers. The first few days were spent exploring deserted beaches, building rut tracks in the sand, wheelies through town, down bridges and up highways. We wheelied just about as much as a man can and had about as much fun as you possibly could. It was a dream trip straight from the start. As the days progressed we worked our way higher in elevation towards the top of Mount Rinjani, Sembalun. The temperatures dropped, the air fresher and country more beautiful by the mile. The summit was the highlight of the trip. Fog and drizzling rain swept through the mountains as we left at the crack of dawn aboard the two Deus Scramblers to explore the single track of Sembalun. The goal: to attempt to crest post two on the treacherous foot trail on the way to the summit of the volcano Rinjani of mount Sembalun. The day was filled with some of the world’s finest enduro riding through the fog amid stunning views, dense jungle, and the finest single track we had ever seen. It was the time of our lives! Join us tomorrow night at the Deus Gallery for a photography exhibit by Aaron Brimhall and short film premiere by Cameron Goold and Andre Cricket.