April 03 2020 Friday at 08:15 PM

The Load Out - Deus 9ft & Single Wrap Up Party

With all the heats run, beer drunk and great conversation had, we gave the waves back to the normal hoards, wrapped up the tents, packed up our empties and headed back to the Deus Temple to sort things out for the evening ahead. There was still much to do before we could put the lid on the Deus 9ft & Single Log, Music and Art Fest for 2017. We had to get the awards done early and prizes given. A swell was about to hit and the boys were frothing for a trip. Ended up we had two going and headed in different directions, one group north to Sumatra and another lot loaded up the truck and headed to Lombok. Monty & Tyler grabbed the mics and belted through the proceedings. Dustin Humphrey’s joined the guys on stage to thank everyone who surfed, came to the events and worked on the event. It takes a lot of people both out in front and in back to pull something like this off. That teamwork is what makes Deus Indonesia great. He gave back the mic and we moved onto hearing who won what. There were no real surprises here, well not for those who had sat on the shores for the entire weekend to see how things played out… at the bottom of this post you will find a complete list of winners. However, Tom Morat, winner of the Inaugural Deus Fish Fry Comp was more than a little surprised to see Rich Pavel take to the stage with a twin fin blank to be told he’d won a custom shape from Rich. Another massive surprise when Harrison Roach, after learning that he had won the Log division, the prize of which was a Thomas Bexon Shaped Harrison Model, promptly gifted it to West Adler. A super stoked grom who’d not only been surfing unreal all weekend but had endeared himself to everyone here at the Temple. Best on Fest. The person who embodies the stoke of the event over the entire time went to Luke Flanders who was super stoked to be taking home a piece of art by Paul McNeill. The dueling duo were still not quite finished and had one live round locked and loaded. The Golden Fin. A little something they had cooked up in the off time over beers between morning surf and evening music and art events, during the long week. Something they wanted to award to celebrate the people behind the event. Ano Mac was this years reciprocate and he was totally stoked. With the business end of the evening done and dusted and our MC’s off soaking their overexerted larynges in Bintang, we moved onto the entertainment end of things. ‘Giang Gaw’ and his hometown mate, Tio Nugroho got up and sung us some Indonesian ballads of faraway places and loves won and lost before turning the stage over to ‘Da Dang’ who mystified all and sundry with the amount of music he could create with just a single guitar. People had been pouring in since six and the yard was choc-a-bloc and well primed by the time ‘Band of Frequencies’ got up and blew everyone over the lip with their unique music a mix of blues, soul, surf rock, jazz, funk and a slew of psychedelic styles. They went through an hour and a half without taking a breath leaving us sweating, tired but extremely happy. Music is a key element to our event and this year we had been blessed to have not one but two mind-blowing nights that would live on with many for years to come. The Winners Deus 9ft & Single Log
  1. Harrison Roach
  2. Jack Lynch
  3. Jared Mell
  4. Zye Norris
The Ladies 9ft & Single Log
  1. Rosie Jaffurs
  2. Sierra Lerback
  3. Hiroko Yashikawa
  4. Dippy St. Baker
Deus Under 9ft & Single
  1. Harrison Roach
  2. Jye Byrnes
  3. Jared Mell
  4. Zye Norris
Deus Fish Fry Comp
  1. Tom Morat
  2. Sodok CSC (Canggu Surf Community)
  3. Ayok CSC
  4. Jin CSC
Deus Womp Comp
  1. Harrison Roach
  2. Dylan Kaczmerick
  3. Matt Cuddihy
  4. Rikki Gilbey
Best on Fest - Luke Flanders The Golden Fin - Ano Mac