April 03 2020 Friday at 09:00 PM

Little story on Captain Pippi

Hanna Verweij and Eveline Besters are two free spirited Dutch ladies. They met back in 2010 through a mutual friend in Cape Town when they went for a surf together. Hanna was driving in her 1974 Mercedes when Eveline sat next to her and thought “this is such a rad chick, I want to be friends with her”. And that’s exactly what happened. A true friendship was born. Over the last years they’ve been on many adventures together. And not surprisingly; these adventures always involved cars, motorbikes and surf. They’ve been travelling around Portugal in a yellow Volkswagen T3; surfing all day and braaiing* fresh caught fish. (*South African BBQ) They’ve been riding off road in the South African desert, pushing themselves to the limit while facing countless, technical breakdowns in harsh conditions. Or chasing waves in Bali on a 125cc motorbike and a surfboard on a rack. That’s just to name a few. Quit recently they took their adventures to a higher level; they jumped in on opening the new Deus Ex Machina Temple in Amsterdam. That’s how they roll. A little side story: Eveline owns and lives on a splendid houseboat, which they turned into the new Deus Ex Machina Showroom. Her houseboat is dated 1927 and used to be a barge. Together with the formal owner, Eveline has been working on the Bolnes engine dated 1939, and they got it running again. She definitely has plans to sail it one day. That’s one of the reasons she chooses to have this boat as her house. Born with a gypsy soul, she feels closest to herself when she’s surrounded by nature. “I felt kind of pushed by something inside that I had to buy this boat. A normal house didn’t appeal to me. The boat is pretty huge, 120m2, I am living there on my own, so I decided to renovate 30m2 into a boardroom, which now is turned into the Deus Ex Machina Showroom. I named it Captain Pippi, as people always gave me the nickname Pippi Longstockings.”