April 03 2020 Friday at 04:45 PM

Ladies look better in red

A few weeks ago our brothers in arms down under said they were diligently working away on something in their workshop. Not giving us any clues we were left to speculate. A new salt flat skipper for Lake Gairdner? A V-twin hill climbing monster? Nope, all our mismatched umm's and arr's were surpassed when this lady in red strolled out the workshop doors at the 'Parallel Universe' event. A beautifully sleek, simple, no frills, no fuss extended hard-tail W650 bobber. "We wanted to try all the things we haven't tired on a bobber before" says mechanic Jeremy. "aiming to stay really clean and simple. We started with a unique fork piece designed for an SR, modified it to fit the 650 front and went from there." A fork mounted mirror, off tank speedo and extended rear frame all flow together on the Deus 'Moulin Rouge' to show that less is more when it comes to the genre of post modern motorcycles. No fancy extraneous items were involved on this project...and just see at how sexy she looks.